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Water Shortage Crisis Declaration - REPEALED AS OF 1/9/23

As of January 9, 2023, all Declarations have now been repealed. Updates coming soon.

The Board of Trustees has found and determined that under current and forecasted conditions, the District’s supply and/or distribution system will not be able to meet all water demands of its Customers through direct diversion due to reduced surface water availability in the Upper Russian River. Project Water previously stored in Lake Mendocino will be required to meet customer demand for 2022 water use.


In an effort to extend current supplies of water and minimize the effects of the current and possible future water supply shortage, the Board is calling for:


1.       Public agency and retail water supply customers to implement drought contingency and other measures as outlined in the California Governor’s Executive Order No. 7-22 and the State Water Board’s two Water Conservation Emergency Regulations and be prepared to prioritize diversions for public health and safety and fire suppression; and

2.       All District customers to take immediate action in complying with the California Governor’s call for a voluntary 15% demand reduction, utilizing the resources available at and



Declaration #22-01 Stage III Water Warning - Oct 3, 2022 to present.pdfDeclaration #21-03 Water Crisis - May 17, 2021 to Oct 2, 2022.pdfDeclaration #21-02 Water Supply Warning - April 5 to May 17, 2021.pdfDeclaration #21-01 Water Supply Alert - March 8 to April 5, 2021.pdf



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