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SURVEY on the Upper Russian River Water Sharing Program

Survey: Please follow ALL instructions

To improve upon implementation for future years, the Russian River Steering Committee asks interested parties to complete a survey describing their experience involving the Program. The survey will be discussed further at the November 7, 2022 meeting with additional details below.

This is a survey to inform the Russian River Voluntary Drought Program Steering Committee in the compiling of their Annual Report. We ask that all program enrollees, Tribal interests, interested water right holders, those that opted out of the 2022 Program, non-participants, Russian River Watershed stakeholders, or anyone else thinterested in providing input to the Program, to please do so via this survey. The decision to provide any personally identifying information is completely optional for those that would like to ensure complete anonymity. All answers will be aggregated to inform the Steering Committee's “2022 Lesson's Learned,” as well as the future outlook for this Program. As answers will only be used for the compiling of the Annual Report, please be as honest and as complete as possible. Thank you!

Survey can be accessed here: 

If you have questions or issues completing the survey, please reach out to Devon Boer: or Jaime Neary: from the Russian River Voluntary Drought Program Steering Committee.

Deadline to Submit: November 23, 2022

If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Water Rights at or (916) 341-5318. 

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