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Russian River Water Update 6/12/23

May 20th, 2023. Lake Mendocino by CJ Watt
May 20th, 2023. Lake Mendocino by CJ Watt

Reservoir Storage & Operations:

Water supply information provided by Sonoma Water (more info here).

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Russian River Water Forum Updates

Russian River Water Forum logo

The Russian River Water Forum Planning Group will be holding its second meeting on Monday, June 12, from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend. The meeting will be virtual and held on Zoom. Please register here. The agenda is posted on the website and future meeting dates and information can be found on the website.  (

SGMA Implementation Summit & Workshop

The Groundwater Resources Association (GRA) and Association of CA Water Agencies (ACWA) held the Summit & Workshop last week in a packed 1½ day agenda. Topics included current status of DWR review of the remaining GSPs and its transition from review phase into implementation phase, demand management as a complementary tool to supply augmentation, groundwater recharge, agricultural impacts, and inter-connected surface water and depletions. Day two focused on conflict resolution in SGMA implementation.  Keep an eye out for next year’s annual summit.

PPIC to Look at Eel River Restoration in Upcoming Blog Posts

PPIC: Restoring Rivers, Restoring Community, 6/5/23

“Experience also shows that community engagement challenges vary, depending on the type of restoration project and the affected communities. We asked our three PPIC CalTrout Ecosystem Fellows to look at this issue through their journalist eyes. They tackled the complex topic of community engagement and restoration on three very different rivers: the Eel River (North Coast), where efforts to remove aging hydropower dams are underway; the San Joaquin River (Central Valley), where multiple agencies and non-profits are attempting to restore salmon runs and floodplain habitat; and Trabuco Creek (southern California coast), where a broad coalition is attempting to improve passage for steelhead trout.

Over the next few weeks, these journalists will present their observations in a series of blog posts on this site. We hope that their insights will be helpful to those planning similar projects for the future.”


In the press:



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