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Russian River Water Update 11/13/23

Russian River, November 2, 2023 by E. Salomone
Russian River, November 2, 2023 by E. Salomone


Reservoir Storage & Operations:

Water supply information provided by Sonoma Water (more info here).

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PG&E to Release Draft Surrender Application and Decommissioning Plan for the PVP

(Update written by Mendocino County Farm Bureau)

 The deadline for Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) decommissioning of the Potter Valley Project (PVP) and proposed removal of the project’s infrastructure is growing closer. On November 8th, PG&E stated that they will be posting the Initial Draft Surrender Application and Decommissioning Plan (SA) for public review sometime next week at the following website: Password: PV_Surrender

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Additional Background

 In late July 2023, Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission (MCIWPC), Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water), and Round Valley Indian Tribes (RVIT) submitted a joint proposal to PG&E. The proposal, called the New Eel-Russian Facility Proposal, would remove and modify Cape Horn Dam and Van Arsdale reservoir to allow for a new diversion and fish screening facility.  

The proposal requested that PG&E include the New Eel-Russian Facility in the final license surrender application submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). On October 3rd, PG&E made a non-binding acceptance in concept of the MCIWPC, Sonoma Water, and RVIT proposal and agreed to include it in the initial draft SA. 

The New Eel-Russian Facility Proposal would require a regional entity be formed with the legal and financial capacity to be responsible for all aspects of the new project, including ownership, construction, and operation of the facility. The acceptance of this proposal is non-binding and allows for continued discussion and public comment.

More information on the Eel-Russian Facility Proposal can be seen from the presentation materials HERE from the August planning group meeting.

The press release on the "Regional Partners Proposal to Preserve Potter Valley Diversion and Fish Passage Options" from August 7th can be seen HERE.


Workshop on SB88 – Measurement & Reporting Regulation

Division of Water Rights staff from the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board or Board) will hold a workshop to discuss recently released datafile templates and guidance for the water measurement and reporting regulation adopted pursuant to 2015 Senate Bill 88 (SB 88). During the workshop, there will be a staff presentation about the regulation and instructions on how to find, download, and use the datafile templates. The public can ask questions and engage with staff following the presentation. The workshop will be recorded and posted online.  Water Measurement Regulation website.

Remote Participation Only: Thursday, December 7, 2023 | 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (PST) 

Register at


PPIC Hosts 2023 Annual Water Conference Tuesday, November 14th  – Online Available

Stewarding California's Wet Years - register here

California has made great strides in preparing for a drier, hotter future, but it remains a challenge to harness the bounty of wet years while also reducing flood risk. How did California’s water sector manage the unusually wet conditions of the 2023 water year—and what lessons can we glean for the future? We will speak with three panels of experts to find out. November 14, 2023 · 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


California Natural Resources Agency Hosts Virtual Discussion with Tribal Leaders on Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Secretary Speaker Series

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Tribal Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) plays a crucial role guiding environmental policy and conservation practices across California. During this important discussion tribal leaders will discuss how California Native American tribes and communities are using this knowledge to protect culturally significant species, traditional practices, and the environment. Tribal leaders will share personal experiences, expertise and a wealth of knowledge passed down through generations and explain how this knowledge is being used to safeguard native plants, preserve cultural practices, and restore cultural fires and other traditional practices. Register here.  More information on Secretary Speaker Series.


California Water Commission taking comments on white paper

The next meeting of the California Water Commission will include discussion on a draft white paper containing potential strategies to protect communities, fish, and wildlife in the event of long-term drought. The draft was developed in support of Water Resilience Portfolio Action 26.3 which calls for protections in cases when droughts last at least six years. The commission’s meeting will be Wednesday, Nov. 15, in Sacramento. Public comments on the draft can be submitted during the meeting or emailed to the commission.

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DEBUT OF CLIMATE CORNERS AT LIBRARY BRANCHES County of Mendocino and Sonoma Clean Power Launch Climate Awareness Campaign

Post Date: 10/27/2023 9:00 AM

County of Mendocino and Sonoma Clean Power Launch Climate Awareness Campaign

In 2021, the County of Mendocino made a monumental commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a Net Zero Carbon Resolution which dedicates $2 million towards lowering carbon emissions from County government operations.

In 2022, one of Mendocino County’s first actions was to upgrade its facilities, including all eligible library branches, to Sonoma Clean Power’s 100% renewable and locally generated 24/7 EverGreen service. By using local solar energy during the day and geothermal energy at night, the county has reduced its carbon emissions by over 75,000 pounds of CO2 so far.

To inspire the public to reduce their own carbon footprint, the Mendocino County Library and Sonoma Clean Power have partnered to launch "Climate Corners," a climate change awareness campaign highlighting ways to take climate action and save energy at home.

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The displays in each library branch offer climate-related books for all ages and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Energy and Water Saving Toolkits which are available for checkout. The catalog of climate books has been expanded at every branch with funding from Sonoma Clean Power. Each DIY toolkit comes with free supplies, including LED lightbulbs, weather stripping, and low-flow showerheads, as well as tools to help measure energy and water use in your home, including a Kill-a-Watt meter and flow rate bag.

“Our county’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact and improving our long-term sustainability stems further than just our own facilities. We want our community to be part of this movement too,” says Supervisor Dan Gjerde.

“The Climate Corners at our local libraries are a reminder that we cannot ignore the climate crisis, and they are also a place for people to get informed and empowered to take action,” Gjerde added.

In addition to the library Climate Corners and the upgrade to EverGreen, the County intends to electrify its vehicle fleet, improve the energy-efficiency of its facilities, expand access to public electric vehicle charging, and simplify the permitting process for solar panel systems.

For more information about the Climate Corners, visit or contact the Mendocino County Cultural Services Agency at 234-2873.

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