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Jackson Family Wines in Sonoma County - Restoring Yellow Jacket Creek

Protecting California Watersheds and Restoring the Coho Salmon in Sonoma County

YouTube Video: Protecting California Watersheds and Restoring the Coho Salmon in Sonoma County

Water is one of our most important natural resources. That is why Jackson Family Wines is committed to water conservation and water quality improvement. From enhancing our local watershed works to becoming more efficient with our water use in our vineyards and wine cellars– we make every drop count.

Conserving, protecting, and restoring critical watershed habitats such as rivers, creeks, and tributaries on and near our properties to enhance stream flow and provide clean water for endangered fish populations and other wildlife is crucial. Yellowjacket Creek, on our Kellog Ranch property located in Sonoma County's Knights Valley AVA became the perfect place to restore.

Through our efforts alongside local, state, and national conservation agencies, the Jackson family became the first private family to have a Safe Harbor Agreement with NOAA Fisheries that covers ESA-listed salmon and steelhead populations. Since 2020, we've re-introduced 30,000 Coho Salmon eggs directly into the creek to help restore the local salmon population.

Together, we can foster a more sustainable future for the wine industry. To learn more about #RootedForGood and our Water Management efforts, visit

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