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Water Shortage Crisis Declaration

The Board of Trustees has found and determined that the ordinary demands and requirements of water consumers cannot be satisfied without depleting the water supply to the extent that there may be insufficient water for human consumption, sanitation, and fire protection while meeting the minimum storage target.


In an effort to extend current supplies of water and minimize the effects of the current and possible future water supply shortage, the Board is calling for District customers to implement drought contingency and water reduction measures, improve use efficiencies, and be prepared to prioritize diversions for public health and safety and fire suppression.

Declaration #21-03 Water Crisis - May 17, 2021 to present.pdfDeclaration #21-02 Water Supply Warning - April 5 to May 17, 2021.pdfDeclaration #21-01 Water Supply Alert - March 8 to April 5, 2021.pdf



On September 12, 2022 the Board reviewed the Draft Declaration #22-01: Water Warning.

A Public Hearing Notice must be issued seven (7) days prior to the public hearing held to adopt the Declaration. The next Board Meeting is Monday, October 3, 2022.

The DRAFT Declaration #22-01 Water Warning and the Public Hearing Notice can be reviewed below:

Declaration #22-01 Stage III Water Warning - DRAFT 9-12-22.pdf2022, 10-3 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING.pdf